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"Growing thinkers and uncovering student's passions."

Spotswood College is excited to offer this student support, enrichment and extension programme for ākonga.  The unfolding Koru symbolises the ideas of ākonga potential, growth, and constant movement. With the Koru Programme, ākonga will be placed with Pouāwhina who will support them with their academic goals by ensuring ākonga have individualised learning programmes, by tracking and monitoring progress and achievement (including ākonga well-being), and by liaising with whānau, staff, and the koru co-ordinator.

Koru Subject Selection Guide:

Course selection can be tough!  For our Koru whānau and ākonga, we have put together this document that you may find helpful in terms of what classes or courses staff recommend for ākonga who are in the Koru Programme.  The names of the courses and extension opportunities provided are outlined.

Please note that this is a guide only - our Koru ākonga are by no means expected to ONLY select from the courses outlined here.  All ākonga should use BOTH the curriculum booklet AND this document to build a timetable that will be the best fit for them. 

If you are wanting to do a course above one's year level (for example a Year 10 student taking a Year 11 course) please speak to your child's Pouāwhina in the first instance, or the Koru Co-ordinator (Mrs Rebecca Thomson at  

For more information about the Koru Programme, please see the Koru Programme handbook or the Koru Programme Website below:

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