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Achieving success through Sports & Education


The Spotswood College STARS Programme has been designed to develop high performing Year 9 and 10 students by providing them with some of the best coaches and educational programmers in Taranaki.

Our STARS Programme is student centered and focuses on academic and sporting excellence. The purpose of this is to up skill our students, better prepare them for professional sporting environments and career pathways that will be available to them when they leave Spotswood College.

STARS students will covering a wide range of educational opportunities that will include Literacy, Numeracy, S.T.E.A.M. programmes, Widening of the Mind and Community Connect. Through these they will be introduced to sports specific skills such as nutrition, time management, sport psychology, recovery, career and drug free sport. Students will also have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best coaches and sports specialists in Taranaki.

The overall goal of the STARS programme is to ensure our students are getting a holistic education, helping them stay on top of all aspects of their wellbeing while excelling in all avenues of their student athlete life.